How do I start?

No special clothing is required to start. Just visit on any of the days and times shown on the 'Training Times' page and we will assist with your enrolment and answer any questions that you may have. You can start your Karate training there and then or simply watch a class in progress before you decide to start. For further information please Contact Us

Training Fees and Information Quarterly fees are payable for training. Higher grades may train in any lower grade sessions at no extra charge.

Special Courses Tickets for Courses & Seminars with top international instructors are best paid for in advance, as these events are very popular & sell out very quickly. These courses are open to all clubs, associations and individual students. Details of these courses can be found on our Club Events Calendar.

Parents For the peace of mind of all parents and young people, and in line with general educational principles, club instructors are DBS registered.

GCSE and The Duke of Edinburgh Award Karate can also be included as a GCSE subject at School or College and we are now able to offer Karate as a choice PE subject used by some GCSE examining bodies. Members can study and qualify with us as a part of their GCSE and A level examination. Karate can also be used as an achievements for the Duke of Edinburgh award.