Liz Lloyd


  • Training Since: 2000
  • Grade: Sandan

Liz began her training with the Minakami Karate Dojo and reached Shodan in 2006. She joined Tring Shotokan Karate in 2007 bringing her son Daniel, then 11, and daughter Ruby, then 5,  with her.  Whilst Daniel ‘retired’, mother and daughter continue to train side by side.

Liz successfully graded to Yondan with Shotokan Karate England in October of 2017, Liz is one of the senior instructors at the club.  She is also a Secondary Teacher of English in Aylesbury.

Thoughts on karate.

Karate is empowerment of the mind and then the body. If one has convinced the mind that anything is possible, then the body will follow.